About Western Capital Partners

Western Capital has a clearly-focused business model with access to ongoing and comprehensive studies of:

  • The global natural resource markets.
  • The future global trends and demands.
  • A full review of the comparative and competitive advantages of various commodities and regions.

Western Capital is well-placed to identify and take advantage of opportunities throughout the global resources sector.

Western Capital's strategy is therefore focused on investing in companies and projects with exceptionally experienced management in Australia, Europe and the United States.



Western Capital is an active investor, not a portfolio investor and is confident that it will provide investee companies and projects with meaningful input.

Western Capital invests in unlisted or pre-IPO opportunities, where it can leverage the position in the investee companies by contributing capital, skills and networks to further create shareholder value.




Western Capital Partners will provide capital and support for exploration and mining ventures around the globe.


Western Capital Partners will work with both investors and resource companies to deliver positive outcomes and experiences for all stakeholders.


Everyone at Western Capital Partners will distinguish themselves in their business dealings by being responsible, ethical and contributing above and beyond the expected level of service.


Australian Perspective

Western Capital is working on strategies to allow investors access to reasonably-priced opportunities at project level.

Western Capital Advisory

With the emergence of Western Capital Advisory, investors and shareholders in Western Capital Partners now have a new fee-based revenue stream.

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