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The Western Capital business model relies on leading edge knowledge and analysis

Chief Geophysicist and Manager of Geoscience Technology for WMC Resources

Co-founder of Independence Group (Australia) - now an ASX200 company with a market cap >$1 billion; Ampella Resources and other West African-focused gold exploration companies

Co-discoverer of nickel deposits in Western Australia, gold deposits in Western Australia and West Africa, copper-gold deposits in South Australia and a uranium deposit

Co-discoverer in West Africa of Konkera (3.1 m ozs of Au), Banfora (4.5 m ozs of gold) and Fekola (3.1 M ozs of gold).

Co-founder and Managing Director of nickel-copper focused Newgenco group (2007-present). Grew company to annual exploration expenditure of >$10M in 2012, through corporate alliances and project JV’s over new-to-the-world projects in Canada, Scandinavia and West Africa

Co-founder of Borealis Resources (2012)


MSc (Colorado School of Mines)

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University and a Guest Lecturer at the ENAG-BRGM University in Orleans, France

Dividends will be paid to all shareholders of Western Capital Partners during July 2013, the exact details will be calculated after June 30th.

As it is the intention of the company to pay it's next dividend based on the December 31st 2013 figures the July payment will reflect the success of Western Capital in its first six months.

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